Lunchbox (Mini) Bell Peppers

Ruben's Veggies

1 Lbs Bag

Mini sweet peppers are small in size, and have an elongated, uniform shape that tapers slightly to the non-stem end. The petite peppers range in colour from yellow, red, to orange and the skin is smooth, thin, glossy, and firm. The flesh also matches the colour of the exterior skin and is crisp and juicy. Inside the flesh, there is a hollow cavity with little to no seeds and a few interior lobes. Mini sweet peppers are crunchy with a mild flavour that is sweeter than regular sized bell peppers.

Ruben's Veggies is a family owned and operated 11 acre greenhouse in Redcliff. The greenhouse runs almost year round and they also grow field grown vegetables in the Summer as well.  They were one of the first greenhouses to grow and harvest mini cucumbers. To learn more click here


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