Sunterra Greenhouse

Sunterra Greenhouse

Sunterra Greenhouses is a family-owned, industry-leading greenhouse that is redefining Alberta agriculture by offering quality, ripe-picked produce year-round — even in the winter.

Building a sustainable food system in Alberta.

Because of their greenhouse's precise indoor growing environment, their tomatoes and strawberries aren't affected by barriers like pests or unpredictable weather. Alberta’s food security can often be limited by these factors, which is why Sunterra Greenhose is proud to reliably provide access to fresh, local produce in the winter months — far beyond Alberta's typical growing season.

Industry-leading greenhouse has a reduced eco-footprint, with sustainable and efficient use of natural resources

Sunterra Greenhouse's technology allows plants to be placed much closer together and in trays of varying heights, making the most efficient use of vertical space. This allows the greenhouse to have a smaller footprint with higher yields than field grown produce.

In an effort to reduce thier carbon footprint, Sunterra is dedicated to powering their greenhouse with as much clean energy as possible.

The CO2 created from the use of natural gas fuel is pumped back into the greenhouse to boost production rather than simply being released into the atmosphere.

The only water that leaves the greenhouse is inside Sunterra's juicy produce. All excess water used in the greenhouse is recycled.

Whatever is left after hydrating the plants is UV treated and cycled back through to be used again. Condensation that forms inside the building, as well as rain and snow that falls on our roof, is collected and used as part of our water supply. As a result, Sunterra Greenhouse's produce uses 90% less water than a traditional farm setting.

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