Lone Pine Farm Fresh Chicken

Lone Pine Field

The Lone Pine Hutterite colony is located 15 minutes outside of Stettler and they produce some of the tastiest chicken around. 

Nutrition lies at the heart of Lone Pine’s  agricultural philosophy. Recognizing its paramount importance in fostering robust livestock, they take meticulous care in cultivating their own grain, thereby maintaining absolute control over its quality and integrity. By nourishing their animals with this wholesome grain, Lone Pine is producing food of exceptional nutritional value. Upholding stringent biosecurity measures, Lone Pine safeguard the flocks against disease, enabling them to flourish naturally, without recourse to medication, hormones, or antibiotics. In their dedication to purity, thier feed contains solely homegrown grain sourced directly from Lone Pine;s  farm, eschewing any additives derived from animal or soy products.

The poultry roams freely when weather permits , basking in the vast expanse of the outdoors from May through November. Amidst the idyllic landscapes of Alberta, they inhale the crisp mountain air, far removed from densely populated regions. The result? Chicken imbued with succulence, flavor, and unparalleled nutritional value—a testament to the harmonious union between conscientious farming practices and the splendor of nature.

At Lone Pine Colony, the welfare and safety of our animals reign supreme. We uphold the highest standards of care and accountability, reflected in our participation in both The Animal Care Program and The Safer Food Program—national initiatives that underscore our unwavering commitment to transparency and excellence. Rest assured, when you choose Lone Pine Colony, you're selecting not just food, but a promise of trust and integrity at every meal.

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