Greenhouses offer a more sustainable way to get produce in Alberta

Greenhouses offer a more sustainable way to get produce in Alberta

Mar 24, 2023Sunterra Greenhouse


Sunterra Greenhouses are dedicated to sustainability and providing delicious produce through the frigid winter months. 

Greenhouses are more sustainable in Canada for several reasons:

  1. Extending growing seasons: In Canada, the growing season is shorter due to the colder climate. Greenhouses allow farmers to extend their growing season, which means they can produce crops for a longer period of time, resulting in higher yields.

  2. Efficient use of resources: Greenhouses use less water and fertilizers than traditional outdoor farming. They also require less land and use less energy to heat the growing environment, resulting in lower energy costs and reduced environmental impact.

  3. Protection from weather and pests: Greenhouses provide a controlled environment for crops, protecting them from extreme weather conditions and pests. This means that farmers can reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides, resulting in a healthier environment.

  4. Local food production: Greenhouses can be built close to urban areas, reducing the need for long-distance transportation of food. This results in fresher and healthier produce, reduced emissions from transportation, and a more sustainable food system.

  5. Employment opportunities: The construction and operation of greenhouses can create local employment opportunities, contributing to the local economy and supporting sustainable development.

Overall, greenhouses are more sustainable in Canada due to their ability to extend growing seasons, efficient use of resources, protection from weather and pests, local food production, and employment opportunities.

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